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We always fell excited when we get a new hair wig, because new hair gives us new looking, even new life. We can't wait to install it and show our human hair lace front wig But after 1 or 2 months, the new wig doesn't 'new', the hair begins to dry, if not good quality hair even begin to tangle and shed, so we maybe don't like the 'new' wig human hair wigs UK anymore, then we don't like the wig as before. At this point what would you do? Throw it away is not a good idea, because the human hair wigs, especially full lace wigs are very expensive. So the right way is to do something with your wig to let it looks new, today let me guide on how to restyle your old wig virgin remy human hair UK back to life.?Its amazing and you get addicted to it..?- Carliz Sotelo Moore, CEO In a special podcast this week, we got to learn what inspired our CEO and founder, Carliz Sotelo Moore. In her own..

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